Bio Maryland 2020 Strategic Plan

A Plan for Life Sciences in Maryland

With the one of the largest clusters of bioscience companies in the U.S., Maryland is a global leader in research and development in the life sciences.  In 1991, Maryland was the first state to create a strategic plan for the growth of its life sciences industry. Two others strategic plans followed.

To maintain its position as a global leader, the Maryland legislature and Governor Martin O’Malley created the Life Sciences Advisory Board in 2007.  This board is composed of 15 representatives from industry, academia, the federal facilities in Maryland, in addition to economic development representatives and others.

A primary task of this board was to create a new 10 year strategic plan to grow Maryland’s bioscience cluster.  This plan, BioMaryland 2020, calls for more than $1.3 billion in structured investments and is part of an integrated vision of bioentrepreneurial development, enhanced translational and commercialization initiatives, and global partnering.  This vision recognizes Maryland’s unique bioscience assets and location in the U.S.

Additional information about the Board and efforts leading up to the creation of BioMaryland 2020 can be found on the link to the Life Sciences Advisory Board.

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