Hire BTI Graduates

BTI was created to provide well-trained entry-level lab technicians to meet the employment demand in Maryland’s rapidly growing biotechnology industry. One of the goals at BTI is to increase the State’s pool of long-term bioscience and pharmaceutical technicians. By preparing mature post-high school graduates to work in the biotechnology field, the Laboratory Associates Program benefits the employers, our graduates, and the local community.

BTI’s method of training is geared towards excellence, with strict criteria in student selection, and high expectations for performance, attendance, and professionalism. The core Laboratory Associates Program at BTI is designed to develop well-qualified, GMP-ready bioscience workers in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

BTI can save your company time and money on the recruitment and training of personnel. In addition, BTI can customize training programs to upgrade the skills of your existing employees, while meeting the specialized needs of your company.

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please call our Executive Director, Kathleen Weiss, at 410-752-4224 or reach her via email by clicking the button below.

Hire BTI Graduates

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